Successful Facebook Business

Those who haven’t discovered how important Facebook is to their businesses image, are going to end up getting left in the dust when it comes to online marketing. Most of the top marketing companies have a successful Facebook business. Any business owner can create a Facebook page and the good news is that it is free. It can feel overwhelming and scary to those of you who aren’t familiar with marketing on Facebook, but it is not as hard as you might think, so let’s jump in and get started.Facebook is a playground for the creative part of yourself. You can promote and tell the world about your business in any way you choose. You can have contests, surveys, and giveaways to promote your business, but the most important thing you do is interact with your Facebook fans. Facebook is a Social Media Platform so it is important to socialize with your visitors, not just post articles like you would on a blog.Think about the message that you really want to convey and find a way to start a conversation. You never know who will find your content interesting, but it is always possible that your message could go viral on Facebook. If you keep things fun and interesting, your fans will stop by your Facebook page on a regular basis. You can provide links to great information and products or just post cool things right on your Facebook Business Page. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the business relationships you develop on Facebook. Always be kind and considerate, because you could be chatting with your newest customer or your next business partner.If socializing on Facebook for your business is something that you feel you just cannot do, you can always hire someone to keep up and maintain your Facebook page for you, at places like You can find people who will do this for two to three dollars an hour. Just make sure you give them specific instructions of what you want and what you need for you Facebook business page. If they are posting messages on your behalf, you must give them the answers to common questions and make sure they answer all of your customer’s questions, with the integrity you hold for yourself. I would highly recommend giving socializing a chance, before outsourcing it to someone else because many great business relationships are formed on social media platforms.One notable example that’s been buzzing around Facebook is about a Baton Rouge Community Coffee business. They began sharing their childhood memories of being allowed to have a little coffee with milk in it. These memories stirred up all kinds of conversations on Facebook and before they knew it their fan base was growing by a thousand fans every week. You never know what’s going to go viral, so put some thought into messages you’d like to get across to your audience on your business page.Several of the largest companies online say that Facebook is one of their top choices when it comes to advertising because its free and there are no requirements when it comes to maintaining your page. Most successful Facebook business owners combine their advertisements with quality content to keep their fans happy. Creating a successful Facebook business is not difficult, because they give you detailed instructions every step of the way.To begin you will login to your Facebook account and click on create page. Follow their step by step instructions. Then you can easily upload any content from your website to your Facebook page, then just click on the link to “create an ad. ” Next you will just click the “I want to advertise something I have on Facebook” button, or the “Suggest an ad” button. After you create your ad, you’ll need to refine your targeting, based on your friend’s or fan’s profile information. Facebook automatically fills in ads based on the likes and interests Facebook users have chosen on their profiles.What you need to do is click the continue button after your ad’s been generated, and get down to targeting the right audience for your ads. You can do this through the workplace, age, education, gender, interests, language, and even Facebook connections. All of a sudden have a beautiful Facebook page with advertisements that is live and active within seconds.There you go you did it! You are well on your way to building a success Facebook business!

Facebook Business – Stop Posting Photos on Facebook!

If your goal for your Facebook business is to drive traffic to your website…My message today: “Stop posting photos on Facebook!”Have you been told by the Facebook experts that posting photos on your Facebook business account is the way to drive traffic?The thing about listening to Facebook consultants and implementing their best strategies is that you have to stay current. Posting photos along with a link was a great strategy. But Facebook is an ever-evolving space that refuses to stand still. If you stand still, it will just pass you by.It’s not that there are problems posting photos on Facebook. But, you have to start by thinking about your goal for your Facebook business in the first place. Most people will tell you that it’s to get “more likes, comments, and shares.” And while that may be a good thing, ultimately, you want more traffic to your website – don’t you?I mean, it might be exciting to see one of your posts go viral, but if you’re not getting any traffic, then you’re not getting any leads, what’s the point?Why are photos so last year? Well, when the Facebook consultants suggested that posting photos was a great way to get traffic to your website, guess what? Everyone started posting photos! Now, your newsfeed is full of them. But are they really driving more traffic to your website?Here’s the latest from Josh at Post Planner regarding posting photos on Facebook…To prove my point I reached out to one of Post Planner’s power users, Fred Alberti (Director of Social Media at Salem Web Network), to get his opinion on which post type drives more traffic – links or photos.In July we began testing link updates instead of photo updates on some of our smaller pages. After favorable results we switched one of our big pages with 2.6M fans from photos with a link in the description to all link updates.This page generated 82% more pageviews to the website than the previous month.Did you read that?!!!82% more pageviews by posting pure links instead of posting photos with links in the caption!This is huge people!What to do now for your Facebook Business?Stop posting photos with links in the description!!!Instead, just post a regular status update with a link. When you do, the Title, Description, and a thumbnail image will populate in your post. Anyone who clicks on any one of those will be taken to your website! That’s a beautiful thing!And recently, Facebook changed to a new, wider format, so your post image will show up bigger in the newsfeed!So if your goal is to drive traffic to your website from your business Facebook page, your Profile, or even Facebook groups, just post your link. The image will show up almost as large as a photo would, and when people click on it, they will go directly to your website – where you want them!Checkout the Facebook Post Planner – it will save you hours a day in posting!Have a great day & stay positive!Joanne Bleiler
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